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ProFlow Permeables®


The patent-pending design utilizing Black Locust, these wood pavers are naturally rot-resistant for a lifetime of 50 years or more. Rainwater is able to pass through the paver joints and natural bio filters, for maximum water filtration. While permeating through each filter, the water quality is improved and runoff pollution is reduced. Black Locust permeable pavers help restore groundwater resources and reduce the heat island effect.


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Why ProFlow?


Project Spotlight | Heron Hall

Jason F. McLennan is an architect and prominent figure in the green building movement. He is the Founder and Chair of the board of the International Living Future Institute and Cascadia Green Building Council, a chapter of both the United States Green Building Council and the Canada Green Building Council

Jason F. McLennan’s gloriously groundbreaking new family home is on its way to becoming the state’s first certified residential Living Building. Heron Hall is now recorded as one of the greenest buildings, ever. A genuinely groundbreaking tribute to regenerative design, local materials, salvaged treasures and bespoke green products and techniques — one of the most advanced buildings ever.


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